Paint Mixing the perfect match

2017-03-24 | admin

Step One: Get inspired

Inspiration for colours is all around us! Perhaps you've been flicking through a magazine and found a colour you love, maybe your favourite album cover or even just existing paint!Once you've found that perfect colour come to the team at Reeds and they'll help make that colour a reality.

Step Two: Take to the experts

With a wealth of experience with paint the team at Reeds will be able to match your colour, help you select the type of paint and finish you require. Before popping in it is worth giving a few considerations to what direction the room faces, how you are going to furnish the room and what sort of sheen level you would like. For example in south facing rooms, where light is abundant, a matt finish will help deflect the light giving a soft glow.

Colour Scanning Instore

Step Three: Selecting the tools for the job

When taking on a paint job it is important to select the right tools. To begin with look at the sort of area your painting, are there lots of nooks and crannies or is it a plain wall? Will you need to paint before a radiator or maybe mask off door frames and skirting board? At Reeds we have a range of tools for every application and our training staff will be able to help you select the correct tools to make sure you get the job done quicker, faster and better!

Step Four: Ready, Steady, Paint!

You've sanded down, masked up, stirred the paint and made a cup of tea and now it's start to paint! Remember it is always best to work top to bottom: ceilings, walls then skirting boards and door frames. If at any point you're stuck or unsure feel free to tweet us @ReedsWantage or call us on 01235 771772. Lastly don't forget to show us your masterpiece!

Paint Prior To Shaking